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Summit Projects
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My first home build
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Project Home
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Design phase Whilst Summit accommodated our bespoke design, I felt that I had to do a lot of the value add thinking in the design. Perhaps this was because it was our first build and we didn't have a good idea of what we wanted at the start - however there was a lot of change from Summit's first draft to the last. As a result the design process took 12-18months. Construction phase Once committed, Summit brought in the construction time by some 3-4 months, which was a great result. I am very happy with the quality despite the builder going through 2 supervisors during the build. However I have put 3 stars only because our finished concrete floor levels has quite a tilt in a few locations. When I challenged the builder on this, they mentioned that the tolerance in finished level is 10mm fall over 1 meter (because most people put carpets which hides slopes). I haven't measured what we have, but I do know that when playing ball with the kids, there are more slopes than the 4th green in Augusta. This just leaves a slightly sour taste. On cost, during the build, they achieve a good result for us with no unplanned increased / hidden costs. The average build cost was circa $1.2k/m which was on par with others of the same quality. Operate / maintenance phase Their service was / is great. They have resolved all issues as they have come up over the past few years. However it does take them time to get to jobs, with most taking up to 1 month to fix from time of initial lodgement. Summary Overall, I would go back to Summit on my next build, but perhaps also test out the pricing / quality and timing of others.