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Biggest Mistake We Have Ever Made!
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Project Home
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First, i would like to commend our prestart consultant, [name removed]. She was lovely, accommodating, very honest and in general just a very lovely person. If more staff members were like her, the company would be so much nicer to deal with! She deserves a cookie. A big one. If you are considering building with National Homes, or any other company affiliated with BGC, I beg you, please reconsider!! We paid our deposit for our home in June 2014, with the promise from our National Homes Sales Rep we would easily be in our new home in June/July 2015, our titles for our land were not delayed at all, our finance approval was smooth and quick. We were optimistic with the promise of a slab before Christmas break, and we would be well past lock up before the bad weather. We did question the reviews about the lengthy build times and long, long delays, and the rep told us that the admin staff had been completely replaced 12 months prior (so, June 2013) and that everything was a lot smoother now and the delays were a thing of the past. This was the only reason we proceeded. Had we thought for a second we would experience such delays, we would have found a different builder, or bought established. We did not even enter construction until April 2015. Our slab was poured April 24, bricks were not completed until mid July, roof was not completed until early September, Plaster and Ceilings were not completed until early October and we finally reached Lock Up October 19. When we question the ridiculous amount of time this is taking, we get fobbed off with Crap excuses, phone calls are not returned, the construction consultant hangs up on us and the site supervisor does not even pick up his phone. We gained contact with the GM in October and recieved a schedule of remaining works, the very first item was completed a week late and everything has been delayed at least a week to this point, the site supervisor told us at out contruction meeting that their was no way the schedule would be stuck to, it was to hard and we were still looking at jan/feb to move in. Meanwhile, we are paying rent and mortgage for 6 months longer than we had expected to be and most likely will be into 2016 and trying to save for the variation costs added after final finance approval that have been added to our handover, which has caused strain on out finances and our relationship, causing stress to both of us that is starting to effect our health, which is impacting our jobs and children. I do not know why this is seen by BGC as acceptable, or why the National Homes rep thought it was acceptable to tell blatant lies in the most early days, but please, please do not choose to build with National Homes or any other BGC affiliated company, the homes are beautiful and the sales rep talk very smooth, but you need to consider the effects of what will happen if you are placed in the same position we are now. Also, it is worth noting that a brand new Woolworths centre has just contruction not 10 minutes from our little 4x2 home, being built by BGC, which is due to open Mid 2016, the walls on this mammoth building went up in less than a week. ONE WEEK! Less than 12 months for a shopping center, but a 4x2 home is a struggle to get finished in that time? Another reason to avoid BGC, unless you are Woolworths.