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Ventura Homes Group
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Utterly Disappointed
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Project Home
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If i could give 0 or negative stars i would!!! We are still waiting to get our keys after signing up in August last year. There is little to be done on the house, being the paving - which we keep getting told next week, next week for the past 3 weeks and now we are told another 2 week until they can start, Same with the garage door install and the gas hotplate. When i walk through the house i get anxiety at the poor workman ship quality of everything. We have asked to do pre hand over now so they can get everything else sorted while we wait on these 3 things as there is ony 4 weeks until xmas. We are told no. No reasoning, no thought. just no. This whole build has been hell. I am constantly in tears and my client liaison officer really should not be in customer service as she just talks over me and does not listen for a second. The construction manager is in some box that no one can get to so there is no need for the client liaison to be helpful because there is no way of complaining or going above her. I have asked to be called and sent an email to be forwarded to the construction manager and either he doesn't care or he isnt getting the messages. I emailed on Wednesday morning, its now friday afternoon and my husband had to follow up what was going on to be told we will let you know tuesday. They have our money so they dont care. When we signed up we were told 12 months, when we signed the contract we were told 8 months from slab down. We are now up to 10 months from slab down and they are now saying they have until march next year. For the last 2 months i have kept telling my self that there is hardly anything left to do - all the trades are booked in for next week we will be in for xmas - and every weekend i go up and see little done. I would never build with ventura again. NEVER!!!!!!!!!! If they actually showed an attitude of caring and actually tried to help than maybe i would be more understanding. HGWA is building my freinds house - same size, her slab went down 5 months after ours and she is up to the same stage as us. Pathetic ventura. Pathetic. The building commissioner is my next stop. Dont do it if you are thinking about builder with them. And trust me i read reveiws when i was thinking of who to build with and was stupid enough to believe that ours would be different. Celebrations and HGWA are builders i have had and seen first hand a great experiance. Try them.