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Switch Homes
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Disappointing from start to finish
Type of house:
Boutique Home
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Long lead time to get started despite promising they would be ready when title was available; a daily diary revealed 50% at best "something" happened on site and that was after constant pressure to get some action; the worst tradesmen with a multiple number of problems from brickies not reading plans right through the trades but plumbing the worst. Recently poor practice of the plumber who installed water pipes in a bedroom where they weren't needed leading to a flooding disaster when the curtain hanger drilled into a water pipe that shouldn't have been there needing an emergency plumber which Switch refused to reimburse ($275) or repair wall. does anyone get a plumbing plan? Problems continued with stacking doors, angled door frames, awning window screens wrongly fitted and can't be removed; driveway paving did not include road base agreed (later reimbursed); letterbox built in wrong place requiring a rebuild next day; a roof design problem was "patched" but is unsightly from the upstairs window (still not acceptable to us but best they can do!) We were told a "minor incursion" into the street setback was not a problem at the planning stage and Switch would just apply to have it formally approved. City of Joondalup later advised no application had been received and the house plan was moved back to meet this requirement. Those extra inches would have helped the pool plans for the rear of the property. On getting "practical completion" handover, house not cleaned and contractors continued to complete the work thereafter. We started the build in a very positive frame of mind thinking Pindan's commercial experience would stand them in good stead with their newly established residential arm but sadly the build was stressful from the start with many heated conversations and sadly continues to this day. No-one expects things to run perfectly (although our neighbour's report very favourably on their well established builder) but the comedy of errors experienced by us with Switch homes and their management and office staff have left us less than impressed. Forget about getting them on the phone or turning up when promised. We have built homes previously without the problems experience with this build. Be warned.