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Lakeshore Group
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Boutique Home
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My home was started by Lakeshore on 15 July 2013 and was still not finished 4 April 2014. The building contract was for 26 weeks so I had to terminate Lakeshore as the builder and finish the build myself. The reason was Lakeshore did not have the tradesmen and if they did the quality was average to poor. From the onset Lakeshore were nice and accommodating but took many short cuts, and were inexperienced. Fortunately I am a Structural Engineer and have construction experience, and I was able to ensure all the things Lakeshore as the builder should have kept an eye on were done. If I had not done this I would have had serious structural issues and a lot of shortcuts taken. Lakeshore's favorite saying when things were not done right was 'it's residential construction, you expect too much'. I don't think I expected too much, all I wanted was to pay a builder to build my house according to the building standards of Australia and close to the schedule that was agreed. Lakeshore did neither. Please also be aware Lakeshore is affiliated with Ecovue double glaze windows and I used these windows in my house. The windows were of poor quality and were delivered and installed bent. I would strongly advise not using Ecovue should you be looking at double glazing.