Find a Perth Home or Commercial Builder

Choosing a builder is an enormous decision. Whether you’re seeking, new home builders, commercial builders or a builder for renovations, you need to be certain you choose the very best reputable builder in your local area.

What should you consider when choosing a builder?

  • Price: is the price quoted fixed? Are there provisional sums in the contract? Are there hidden variation costs that will come as a surprise? Is the builder cheap, expensive, or moderate compared to other builders? Are costs clearly and comprehensively explained?

  • Schedule: is the schedule offered by the builder realistic? Are they committed to getting the job done in a suitable time frame? Are they available to begin work when you want it done? Will any delays compensate the client?

  • Service: is the builder easy to communicate with? Do they complete project milestones when they say they will? Do they call you back promptly? Are they happy to answer your questions? Do they provide a written contract? Will they work collaboratively with you?

  • Quality: look at examples of the builder’s work from over the past year. Is it of exceptional quality? Does the builder have good quality contractors (plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, concreters)? Is his work compatible with what you are paying for? Do they incorporate inspection checks during critical stages of construction? Has the engineering and design drawings been completed by high quality professionals?

  • Reviews: are there reviews and testimonials available for the builder? Are they favourable?

BuilderAdvisor is here to take the hard work out of selecting the right Perth builder, or builder elsewhere in Australia, to suit peoples' needs. We have a comprehensive database of builders in Perth and across Australia with reviews based on important criteria. You simply select a builder in Perth in your local area and we provide ratings, rankings and reviews so users can make an informed choice. When a person finds a builder and wishes to make contact, BuilderAdvisor makes that happen. It’s fast, simple, and there is no better way to get in touch with the right builder the first time.