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Are you looking to build a new home, investment property, commercial project or to renovate an existing property?

Choosing a builder is a massive decision; there are literally hundreds of home builders in Perth alone offering this service from which to choose. For example how can you be sure your choice of builder in Perth is the right one for you?

Welcome to BuilderAdvisor. We are a team of industry professionals who have taken the hard work out of finding the best builders to suit any individual need.

BuilderAdvisor is a Review, Connect, and Information portal with the sole aim of connecting clients with the best builders in the Perth area and Australia. Whether you seek to build a new home, commercial project or undertake renovations, we are here to help you find the right service provider to get the job done.

Our service to you is threefold:


BuilderAdvisor reviews and rates the performance of all builders, raking each from highest to lowest in the combined areas of Cost, Service, Quality, and Schedule.


By choosing the type of construction in a specific location, Find a Builder identifies the highest ranked builders in Perth or anywhere in Australia that are suited for your requirements. BuilderAdvisor can additionally pass enquiries onto your chosen builder on your behalf.


The BuilderAdvisor BLOG will provide valuable information from building industry professionals. In preference to providing builder tips and trade information, the Blog will focus on important information shared by Designers, Architects and Engineers. This information will ensure visitors to BuilderAdvisor learn what they need to know about crucial elements of construction which impact on their property value.

No matter whether you seek to find the very best commercial and project home builders in Perth, or to locate a premium renovator to maintain your historic home’s character, let BuilderAdvisor be your first step to realising your dream. Contact BuilderAdvisor today to learn more about how we can help you to find the very best builder in Perth and Australia wide for the job.